Tickets and Prices

There are two kinds of tickets at the Richmond Oktoberfest; Admission Tickets and Food Tickets.  The Admission tickets get you in.  The Food tickets are used to buy food, beverages and merchandise, because our locations within the Oktoberfest where we sell food, beer, wine, and other things do NOT take cash or credit cards.  Merchandise vendors who rent a booth at the Oktoberfest do take cash and may not accept Food Tickets.


Admission tickets have a detachable stub.  Fill out your contact information completely and after you enter the Oktoberfest, deposit it in the revolving drum to participate in the door prize drawing, which takes place on Saturday night.  You do not have to be present to win.

Admission ticket prices are as follows:
Purchased at the door:  $15
Purchased in advance:  $12
All military personnel, including
     active duty, National Guard and Reserves:  $12
Senior Citizens (65):  $12
Children, 15 & under:  FREE if accompanied by an adult

Each ticket costs $1 and is worth $1.
Tickets purchased in prior years are accepted.
Food Tickets are printed in strips of 10 tickets and can be purchased in advance ONLY in groups of 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, etc.


There are 3 ways to purchase both Admission Tickets and Food Tickets:

1.    In advance On-Line with credit cards and PayPal

2.    In advance through the mail with checks

3.    At the Oktoberfest with cash or credit cards

Order Tickets on line

1. Online Orders
Order Admission Tickets and Food/Beverage Tickets on-line right now (see important note on sale times below in RED):

We accept credit cards and payment through PayPal!


ALL PayPal tickets will be held at will-call at the OLD DOMINION BUILDING at the Richmond Raceway Complex

Tickets by Mail

2.  Though the U.S. Mail

To purchase Admission Tickets and/or Food Tickets through the mail, your letter, with enclosed payment by check or money order, must be postmarked no later than October 10th, 2017.  Address your envelope to:

Oktoberfest of Richmond, Inc.
P.O. BOX 37472
Richmond, VA 23234

       Clearly state the Name and Address of the person ordering the tickets. 
       Also state the number of Admission Tickets and the number of Food Tickets you wish to purchase. 
       The tickets will be held in your name at the Will-Call booth just inside the entrance door at the Oktoberfest. 
       If you with to have the tickets held for more than one person, clearly state the Name and Address for each person
                for whom tickets should be held and how many Admission   Tickets and Food Tickets should be held for each person.
       A written request for table reservations may also be sent in the same envelop. 

Tables will be reserved for Friday night only. 
State the name of the person or group for which the table is being reserved. 
State the number of people for whom the table is being reserved (including children). 
No reservations will be made for less than 8 people.


3.  Purchase at the Oktoberfest

You can wait until you get to the Oktoberfest to buy both Admission Tickets and Food Tickets.  The big advantage to buying in advance is that you donít have to wait in line to get in and once inside, you donít have to stand in line to buy Food Tickets.

        We take both cash and credit cards.
       The Admission Ticket booth is right inside the entrance door.
       The Food Ticket booth is to your right along the wall after you enter.
       There will also be two cash machines to the right inside the entrance door, if you want more cash.


A Fourth Way to Purchase Admission Tickets

Admission Tickets (but not Food Tickets) can be purchased locally at the following businesses, which are friends of the Oktoberfest.

Erwin Franke’s World of Rugs9944 Midlothian TPK804-323-5540

Sandston Cleaners ,  32 E. Williamsburg Rd, 804-737-4011

Westbury Apothecary ,  7702 E. Parham Rd804-527-1927

Colonial Mobile Glass Shop, 8061 Mechanicsv.TPK, 804-746-2590

First Community Bank, 2702 N. Parham Rd804-270-6800
First Community Bank, 10820 West Broad Street, Glen Allen, 804-273-9801

First Community Bank, Chest. Towne Center, 11400 Midlothian TPK, 804-594-1905
First Community Bank
951 Commons Plaza804-748-4204

First Community Bank, 14441 Sommerville Ct., 804-794-7810

Once Upon a Vine,  4009 MacArthur Ave,  804-726-9463

Once Upon a Vine South2817 Hathaway Rd804-864-9463


TO RESERVE TABLES (8 Persons Minimum):
To reserve tables send your request to the following emai address: Make sure to give a total of seats needed (including children) and the name the reservation is made in. Tables can  be reserved for Friday night only!


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