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    (German American Sports Club)
    The German American Sports Club was founded in 1960. It is primarily a social club although it is planning to restart its soccer program. Its purpose is to provide a bit of German Culture by providing German events and trying to maintain German traditions in the new world. All Germans and Americans are invited to attend our events, and if they like to join the club they are welcome to do so. With this web page we are making an effort to provide as much information about our club as possible.
    We are a fun loving group, enjoying German culture and festivities year round. A large part but not all of our club members were born in Germany. Many other members join because they love Germany and Germans and all the good times that we have. For those of us with German ancestors, it is a way of getting in touch with our roots. The events are authentic, with colorful ceremonies, dancing, music, and costumes, in keeping with the old traditions. Try us; you will love our fun and our friendly people.
    The Deutscher Sportsclub together with the Gesangverein works through the Oktoberfest of Richmond, Inc. to put on the annual Richmond Oktoberfest, which draws approximately 5000 party goers each October.
    For more information please call or email
    Gary Ilch, President, 804-370-0169, ilchg@hotmail.com
    Hans Stienen, Vice President, 804-605-8852, hans.stienen@comcast.net
    Carmen Hoge, Membership Secretary, 804-320-6575, tanzmadl@verizon.net
    Anne Boraas, Social Director, 804-883-6790, afboraas@embargmail.com

    Find out more about us and our history at History of the German American Club


    Anyone interested in becoming a member of the Deutscher Sport Club Richmond (German American Sports Club) can call Carmen Hoge (804-320-6575) our Membership Secretary, or Gary Ilch, (804-370-0169).You can also download the Application Form  DSC – Letter Annual Events , filled it out and mail it to us.


    1. Oktoberfest – Early October  (Go to Oktoberfest Website)
    The Richmond Oktoberfest is a joint venture of the Virginia Gesangverein, and the Deutsche Sport Club (German American Sports Club). The Oktoberfest has been presented to Richmond since 1969. The Committee does its best to conserve long standing German Festivity Traditions and Culture.
    2. Kappenfest *)  – November (Check Event Calendar)
    The “Kappenfest” is a typical German Karneval (Fasching) or as it is known in parts of the USA a Mardi Gras Party. The program includes traditional German stand up comedy, Sing along music, and after that dance music to “live” German and American dance music. German beer, wine, soft drinks and food are served at this Event.
    3. Children’s Christmas Party – December (Check Event Calendar)
    This is a typical family party, with coffee and cake, German Christmas music and a visit by Santa Claus for the Children. All Children receive goodies from Santa.
    4. Karneval Ball *)  – February (Check Event Calendar)
    This is similar to the Kappenfest. We feature good German stand up comedy, a life German Band, Prince and Princess Karneval, good food, German beer, wine, soft drinks and snacks.
    5. Brandermill Picnic – June (Check Event Calendar)
    A typical picnic with German Music, a lot of food and Bratwurst, and drinks.
    6. Summer Night Party – August (Check Event Calendar)
    In August we have our Traditional Summer Night Party at the grounds of Sonny Bourne, a beautiful Indoor/outdoor facility. This party is a combined event of the DSC and the Gesangverein Virginia. Everyone can enjoy good entertainment, our famous pork roast, German beer, wine and soft drinks.
    7. Additional Events.
    Each year we schedule at least one more event based on recommendations from the club members.

    *) Learn how these events are celebrated in Germany “The German Karneval (Carnival) Tradition! How it is celebrated by the Sportsclub in Richmond?”  (Requires a PDF Reader)


    Deutscher Sport Club Soccer  History

    In 1960, the “Deutscher Sport Club” (German- American Sports Club), in short “DSC”, was founded. The main purpose at that time was to formally organize a Soccer team.

    In order for the past of the German – American Sports Club to be told in its entirety, we must start a few years before the actual founding date of the club.

    It would be unusual indeed, when German people get together, that the sport of soccer should not be mentioned. By the year 1956, enough soccer enthusiasts had, by word of mouth, found each other, that practice games could be held on a regular basis at Fort Harrison.
    The late sixties and early seventies, adult soccer competition was organized by the Parks and Recreation Department of the City of Richmond. Twice a year, in the spring and in the fall, the soccer managers of the various teams would meet and sign up to play. Parks and Recreation would then establish a schedule.

    In 1974 Hans Stienen joined the Club, and the soccer team, it was decided that the team needed a coach more then a player, so, Hans became the first official Soccer Manager of the DSC. After meeting with the managers of the other teams for a few seasons, Hans had the idea to form a soccer league, making the teams independent of the City. Hans Stienen, and Ron Beckstoffer, the manager of the Richmond Internationals, then founded the league in 1975, and called it the “Central Virginia Soccer Association.” In its first season, the CVSA started with six teams, the German Sports Club, the Internationals, the Greeks, the Latin’s, Ft. Lee, and Richmond South-Side.

    From 1977 to 1988, the DSC had two Soccer Managers, Hans Stienen and Wolfgang Grimm, and they were quite successful, winning the titles shown below. When Hans was transferred to work in Germany, the soccer program was interrupted. In 1993, Gary Ilch, decided to once again to form a soccer program, and competed with a Premier and a first division team. Later two more teams were added. Even though the teams were quite successful, they never reached the level of dominance that they had from 1975 to 1988. In 2001 the club was once again forced to cancel its soccer program because of the lack of suitable coaches and managers.

    Even today we are not totally without soccer, club members and friends meet every Sunday morning at 10:00 am in Dorey Park, to play a pick up game. Everyone interested is welcome.
    Should we ever find a sponsor and qualified personnel to run a soccer program, we would consider trying it again. After all, a Sports Club without a sports program lacks something.

    Download a more elaborate write-up of the History of the German American Club Soccer