Der EinmarschTraditional Folk DancersBeer Stein Hoisting

Der Einmarsch

Traditional Folk Dancers

Beer Stein Hoisting


The 2021 Richmond Oktoberfest has been canceled

 Dear Richmond Oktoberfest Friends and Volunteers,

The Oktoberfest Board of Directors appointed by club members of the Deutscher Sportclub (DSC), and the Gesangverein Virginia (GV), started in February to prepare for the 52nd Richmond Oktoberfest, which originally was scheduled for 2020 but had to be canceled because of Corona virus. We used all the energy that we could muster to once again prepare for an authentic Fest that would make all of you proud.

At the August meeting we traditionally decide how much meat, beer, pastries, and other food items to order. We also decide how many tables and chairs to order. These large expenditures should only be made if all signs point to a “go ahead”.     

To be on the safe side and protect our guests, we searched the Virginia State Health Department web site to see what restrictions are in place because of the Corona virus this year. We found many. As a result, we spent a lot of time discussing all these restrictions and what effect they would have on our Oktoberfest. We may have been able to overcome many of these hurdles, but not all of them. The main stumbling block would have been social distancing of six feet. The result would have meant no dancing by the attendees, as well as no performances by the Hirschjaeger Dancers. We would also have long lines at every stand. On top of that we would have had to recruit more helpers to enforce all these restrictions.

The result would have been a Fest experience that would not live up to the high expectations that our devoted visitors are accustomed to and that we are used to delivering to our guests.

After considering all these things we decided that we had no choice but to cancel this year’s Oktoberfest.  A decision that was not easy for us.

We think that we acted in the best interest of our faithful Oktoberfest guests, club members, and volunteers and that all our dedicated Richmond Oktoberfest fans, our loyal business partners, and the many volunteers, will support and respect this difficult decision.

Hopefully there will be no such restrictions next year and the 2022 Richmond Oktoberfest will be able to welcome everyone back and be a huge success!

The 2022 Oktoberfest is scheduled for Friday the 30th of September and Saturday the 1st of October.


Hans Stienen            Brad Ewald
President                  Vice – President

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Old Dominion Building at Richmond Raceway
600 E Laburnum Ave, Richmond, VA



The 2022 Beer Stein Commemorating the Reunification of Germany.
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Here is the stein graphic for 2022 laid out in full.
Find out more about the Historic Event so much influenced by the United States



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