Food & Drink

Speisekarte / Menu
(Buffet Stand)


Schweinebraten /Roast Pork Plate        $8
Brathähnchen / Roast Chicken Plate     $8
Wurst Teller / Wurst Platter                    $8

Chose two side orders and bread
Side Dishes: Sauerkraut, Red cabbage, Potato Salad.
Side dishes are only included in the above listed meals

Wurst/Sausage: Choice of two     $7
chose two:
Bratwurst, Knackwurst, Weisswurst
(with bun or bread)

Wurst Platter: Choice of three Sausages    $10
Bratwurst, Knackwurst, Weisswurst
(with bun or bread)

Bratwurst (with bun or bread)     .$4
Knackwurst (with bun or bread)     $4
Weisswurst (with bun or bread)     $4
Side Dishes     $2
A great assortment of Cake and other pastries are available at the bakery.

Snack Bar
Potato Pancakes (with apple sauce)     $4
French fries     $3
Pretzel (filled with cheese or jalapeños)    $3
Pretzel  (nicht gefüllt / not filled     $2
Landjäger / Smoked Sausage     $3

Soft Drink Stand
Soft Drinks  $2
Water    $2
Coffee   $2


DOMESTIC BEER (Brewed in the USA) 
Yuengling Oktoberfest
Yuengling Lager
Miller Lite


Warsteiner Oktoberfest
Warsteiner Pilsner
Warsteiner ( Dunkel )
König Ludwig Weissbier (Royal Bavarian Hefe-Weizen)

  $4 Cup of Beer   $5
$12 ½ Liter Oktoberfest Stein (EMPTY) $12
$15 ½ Liter Oktoberfest Stein (WITH BEER) $16
  $5 ½ Liter Beer (REFILL)   $6
  $5 1 Liter Acrylic Stein  (EMPTY)   $5
$13 1 Liter Acrylic Stein  (WITH BEER) $15
$10 1 Liter Acrylic Stein  (REFILL) $12
  $2 2 Liter Pitcher  (EMPTY)   $2
$20 2 Liter Pitcher  (WITH BEER) $22
$18 2 Liter Pitcher  (REFILL) $20
Beck’s NA, 12 oz. Bottle,



Wein Stand / Wine Stand:

Wine, bottle, white Riesling         $11
Wine, bottle, white Liebfraumilch     $11
Wine, bottle, red, Merlot     $11
Wine, glass (5oz)      $4
Coffee   $2

          The Richmond Oktoberfest Inc. reserves the right to change the menu at any time.
                   By order of the ABC Board, no alcoholic beverages are permitted other than those sold here!

Food and Merchandise Stands

There are many merchandise and food “stands” that provide you with shopping opportunities.

Oktoberfest Souvenir Stand: Here you can find many things that remind you of Germany. Some of the items are T-shirts, selected mugs, and flags, as well as a large selection of unique gifts including things for the kids.

Beer Stands: There are two beer stands. One in the hall and one in our beer garden. Here you can purchase Warsteiner Oktoberfest, Pilsner, Dunkel and Weizen Beer, Yeangling Oktoberfest and Lager Beer, Miller light and alcohol free beer.

Wine Stand: Here we offer good domestic and German red and white wines. There is also a “gemütlich” sitting area to enjoy your wine away from the hustle of the Oktoberfest.

Food Stand: There are two serving lines to our large selection of hot food. Here you can get our famous Bratwurst, Knackwurst, Weisswurst, Roast Pork, Chicken, German potato salad, Sauerkraut, Red Cabbage, and other types of food.

Bakery: This is one of our favorite stands. A German Bakery from Cleveland comes to our Oktoberfest to offer a large selection of freshly baked cakes, pastry, and cookies, as well as the famous Bavarian “Lebkuchen Hearts” These are large German cookies shaped like hearts with love messages inscribed for your “significant other.” The bakery also has a large selection of freshly baked German Bread.

Pretzel and Soft Drink stand: Here you find all your favorite soft drinks and water; all kinds of snacks, as well as our famous Pretzels.

Potato Pancake Stand: Our potato pancakes are baked as you wait and are very tasty, from a special recipe. We also sell Baked Almonds.

In addition to the stands listed above we have many merchandise stands that offer a variety of shopping opportunities